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Navajo Rug Weaver Lois Becenti
Our Stories, Our Community - Gallup, NM

Rug Weaver Lois Becenti Flyer

Navajo Rug Weaving with Rug Weaver Lois Becenti

In August 2013, the library hosted Navajo rug weaving demonstrations presented by Dine weaver Lois A. Becenti.

She spoke about the history of rug weaving as well as the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and techniques of rug weaving in traditional Navajo style. Ms. Becenti also discussed methods for improving weaving techniques as well as different rug designs and tools used for weaving. Some designs included: Old and New traditional designs, Yei Bei Chai (male or female), Sand paintings, Two Grey Hills, Wide Ruins, Twill/Double weave, Double Faces, Teec Nos Pos, Storm Pattern, Crystal (Old and Contemporary) and many others. Beginners and advanced weavers were welcome, and people were optionally allowed to bring their own looms to practice weaving.

Lois Becenti

Lois Becenti discussing methods on improving weaving.

Lois Becenti

Lois Becenti demonstrates the process of weaving a Navajo rug.